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STRAND Air House Services

STRAND Air House Operation & Maintenance Support

Our STRAND Air House division delivers modifications and updated components for existing Strand Air House systems.

Our equipment can be found on the roof of virtually every American Automotive Assembly and/or component plant across the continental United States, Canada and Mexico.  In addition, these new designs guarantee you a quality upgrade that maximizes your energy savings for years to come.

  • Available for all air supply units in your facility (STRAND or other makers)
  • All existing units are surveyed and adjusted with recommendation given for needed parts and labor to bring the system up to original performance
  • Coil replacement, humidifiers, burners, flame safety, controls, dampers
  • We have historical data on all STRAND systems; including unit drawings, performance data, electrical and piping schematics and parts bill of materials
Strand Air House

Many of our units have been in everyday use for more than thirty years.  The long life cycle of our equipment allows for update and retrofit when other manufacturer’s equipment is scheduled for demolition.  More than 10,000 Strand Custom Air Supply Houses have been installed since 1947.