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Industrial Ventilation Systems

HM White delivers complete and integrated air management solutions for industrial manufacturing plants

Strand Air House

We engineer, fabricate and install

Manufacturing Plant and Body Shop

  • Plant ventilation systems  – both above and below the roof
  • Air supply houses, oil mist collectors

Paint Department

  • Air flow management, blenders, heat seals
  • Environmental rooms, clean tunnels, fume control, evaporative humidifiers

Paint Department

  • Air flow management, blenders, heat seals
  • Environmental rooms, clean tunnels, fume control, evaporative humidifiers
Air Management Workstations

We provide complete design and engineering of your clean-air project from inception through delivery.   Our air supply houses provide filtered, conditioned air, at the precise temperature and humidity required, to large scale pre-treatment areas, paint booths, and curing ovens.

Products and Solutions

  • Oil mist collection
  • Weld smoke removal
  • Test cell ventilation
  • Worker comfort air systems
  • Factory ventilation
  • Air supply houses

Air Management Controllers

  • Centralized control & diagnostics
  • Filter maintenance
  • Automatic air balancing
  • Cost management

Turnkey Configurable and Customizable Air House Services and Solutions

Air House Diagram

An Investment in Lifetime Performance

Designed for indoor or outdoor locations with custom size units and components based on air volume requirements.

  • Intake louvers / hoods
  • Damper assemblies
  • Air filtering devices
  • Heating / cooling mediums
  • Evaporative cooling and humidification
  • Fan motor on integral spring bases

Our Dampers Make a Difference

We blow away the competition when it comes to custom applications!  We provide high quality, robust dampers that can handle years of hard use with minimal maintenance.  We determine the best options for you.

  • Casement
  • Blades
  • Bushbearings
  • Casement and blade materials
  • Shafts
  • Metal lap
  • Bronze bushings
  • Edge seals to minimize leakage

Our Advantages

  1. Fifty years’ experience in conditioned air systems – over 10,000 installations
  2. Units installed in all major markets: automotive, electronic, food, pharmaceutical, metal finishing, foundry, utility plus hospital, research, airport and major office facilities
  3. Components carefully chosen utilizing computer analysis
  4. Housing designed by computerized engineering and provides complete access to all components permitting ease of maintenance and optimum efficiency
  5. We install wire, pipe, and test all piping, electrical and temperature controls
  6. We install the system and complete reconnects (housing and utilities)
  7. Technicians perform startup and insure the system is tuned and balanced
  8. On-site maintenance

Many of our units require minimal footprint.  Coupled with energy saving ventilation plans, our installations can actually pay for themselves with reduced energy consumption.

Heat Ventilation