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Air Cleaning

We clean dirty air

The health and safety of your employees, the usable life of your equipment, and in many cases the quality of your finished product depend on a clean (particle-free) environment.  We deliver the most tightly controlled air filtration system, custom designed for your facility and specific type of contamination presented.  We contain and remove micro-particulate.

  • Weld smoke and fumes
  • Oil mist
  • Fine dust, combustible dust and coarse particulate
  • Plasma cutting smoke, fumes, and particulate
  • Powder coating fumes

High-volume machining processes can create oil mist that is inhaled by workers, collects on machinery which can cause costly downtime due to increased maintenance, and slip hazards.  In addition, combustible dust is a serious threat to worker safety.  We have expertly designed solutions to collect, trap, and remove combustible particulate.

  • Comprehensive dust collection systems
  • Down-draft tables
  • Source capture collectors
  • Ambient air cleaners
  • Wet dust collection systems
  • Spark arrestors
Air System
Air Management Workstations

Contact us to create a custom solution to keep your people safe, your maintenance costs down, and your product top-notch!