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Location:Flat Rock
ProductPaint Finishing System
Project:  3-Wet Conversion Oven Modifications (Extension)
Client Needs:Introduce 3-wet new paint technology to apply primer, base coat and sealer without intermediate curing Extended oven connection zone to achieve proper cure time at higher conveyor speed Installation and testing of new Fanuc paint robots
ResultsIncreased capacity from 68 to 72 jobs per hour Reduced footprint – eliminating primer spray booth and primer oven Lower environmental footprint (CO2 and VOC emissions) On time delivery and installation to highest customer praise
Client Comments“I wanted to take a few minutes to recognize a job well done at FRAP. The past shut down in which you replaced the flood sheets and scrubber sections, exceeded my expectations.  The job planning and eventual execution went without incident. Considering the magnitude of job at FRAP, I have not been on a sheet metal job that was executed as well.  Congratulations and look forward to more successful jobs!  Additionally, your safety record with more than 250 thousand hours with no lost time is something to be extremely proud of.” ~ Todd Wheeler, Ford

Location:Flat Rock
Product:Process Ventilation / Environmental Controls
Project:  TuTone Eliminator Replacement and Air Supply House Upgrade Color Booth 1 & 2 Eliminator Replacement
Client Needs:Replacement of corroding old iron eliminator with a new stainless steel HM White design New sludge system to float paint overspray for more efficient collection and disposal Air Supply House upgrades to improve facility air quality and reduce VOC emissions
ResultsCleaner waste water Continuous sludge removal keeping system cleaner for longer periods of time. Sludge recycling program reduces landfill disposal Reduced maintenance cost

ProductVentilation / Environmental Controls
Project:  Abatement Project
Client Needs:Fast response to EPA mandate to reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions Fabrication of sheet metal (ducts and 180,000 cfm filter house) Installation of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) to eliminate up to 99% of air pollutants
ResultsTurnkey project managed by HW White starting from a green space lot to completed installation HM White designed, engineered, produced, installed and tested new emission system in a compressed 6-month timeframe Completed on time, on budget, and in compliance with EPA regulations
Client Comments“I just wanted to send my thanks and gratitude to the entire HMWhite team that supported the Wentzville abatement project. As you know, the project was compressed with a tight timeline. Your team did a great job with the engineering, fabrication, and project execution. I really appreciate your support on this project.” Sincerely, Kenny White Director, Vehicle Systems Global Paint/GMNA Paint Execution

Location:Hamtramck, Michigan
ProductPaint Finishing System / Process Ventilation / Environmental Controls
Project:  Prime Booth Automation
Client Needs:Modernize paint finishing system, replacing older style Behr paint units with Fanuc paint robots Refurbished air houses, added new coils, fans, and rezoned the booth Refurbished eliminator
ResultsOn time and budget project completion Zero changes or extras All supplied equipment meeting or exceeding performance expectations
Client Comments

Location:Lafayette, IN
ProductPaint Finishing System Process Ventilation / Environmental Controls Factory Automation / Conveyors
Project:  Paint Systems Upgrades and Modifications Paint Shop and Ovens Top Coat A, B, C heated flash / cooling tunnel conversion Booth and work docks with LED lighting New sludge removal process to eliminate and recycle overspray Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers to remove air pollutants Air Handling and Process Ventilation Projects Cascading Air Process Ventilation Systems and Air Supply House (ASH) units Facility chiller farm In plant cooling ventilation Improvements to paint process, conveyors, ventilation and waste elimination Bumper shop overnight conveyor banking system
Client Needs:Increased capacity in paint shop and overall facility air quality and lighting Intermediate storage of bumpers between shifts to smooth production, keeping more ready to paint bumpers Improvements to paint process, conveyors, ventilation and waste elimination to cope with an increase from 192,396 vehicles in 2010 to 313,511 in 2016 and a planned capacity of 400,000 vehicles
ResultsTurnkey project managed by HM White to install 4 ovens, sealer, surfacer, preheat and top coat Creative HM White design to increase product banking within the existing space above existing ovens Energy savings and lower maintenance cost

Customer:International Truck
Location:Chatham, Ontario
ProductPaint Finishing System
Project:  Turnkey design, fabrication, integration and installation of a complete paint finishing system, including Conveyors 3 prep booths 3 paint booths Integration of paint robots Air handling and sludge removal
Client Needs:Client needed a new paint finishing system in a refurbished adjacent building to be built in parallel with continued operation at the existing facility Turnkey paint system including multiple prep booths and spray booths, conveyors, and installation of paint robots  Increase quality of paint for trucks and offer a high degree of custom paint colors based on client branding and preference. New system supports 4000 paint colors
ResultsPaint quality of trucks on par with automotive paint standards Unique ability to customize paint scheme of trucks with over 4000 colors
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