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Paint Booths

We Thrive on Custom Applications Where Competitors Choke!

HM White has a long history of successfully servicing all industries from automotive, aerospace, medical, utilities and more, by being an industry leader in its fully-customizable surface finishing systems that are tailored specifically to your product requirements. From large military vehicles to small surgical devices, wet and dry applications, our team of engineers has a fully-customized solution for you.

We offer a multitude of materials that we can fabricate using various construction processes for your booth applications:

  • Aluminumized
  • Glass with structural support
  • Mild steel black iron
  • Sheet metal
  • Stainless steel

Our custom-made heavy-duty monopanels ensure a trouble-free assembly, precision fittings, and solid construction that will hold up to years of hard use with utmost efficiency.

We out-shine the competition when it comes to customizing a design to fit your unique application!

Computational fluid flow dynamics software allows us to simulate multiple performance factors in the booth related to airflow before construction of the booth, enabling us to make modifications to the design prior to installation. This ensures you savings in your time and investment.

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